Vinhos Verdes - a Designation of Origin (DOC)

The designation

DOC Vinhos Verdes, a seal of guaranteed quality

The Vinhos Verdes Demarcated Region is an internationally recognised Portuguese wine region and one of the largest in Europe in terms of area. Classified as a Demarcated Region since 1908, the Vinhos Verdes region encompasses nine sub-regions which extend across the Northwest of Portugal which include the Sousa sub-region. It is to this sub-region that the municipality of Penafiel and Quinta de Monforte belong.

The weather

Set amongst hills and extensive valleys, the Sousa sub-region boasts rich natural heritage, which is associated with agricultural and wine-growing activities. Located in a transition zone between the cooler Atlantic climate and the dry and cold continental interior, this sub-region benefits from mild temperatures, without large temperature variations or days of extreme heat, harmful to the quality of the grapes.

The city

From the beautiful hillside populated by the vineyards of Quinta de Monforte, you can see Penafiel, one of the oldest cities in northern Portugal. This medieval city is part of the Quinta de Monforte identity, in a cross between rural and urban experiences that are accompanied by wine from the distant past.